McDaniel Funded Common Core

Chris McDaniel claims he opposes Common Core, but he voted to fund it with over half-a-million dollars in taxpayer funds.

Last year he voted to fund it to a tune of $94,082 (bill, roll call).

The year before he voted to fund it with $494,082 (bill, roll call).

He denied funding Common Core in those votes and said, “They claim we funded Common Core. No, we did not.” Later he said he was “duped” into voting for it. But as you can see from the bills and roll call votes listing him as voting for it, his denial was not true.

If you want more proof, when the same bill came up this year, after catching heat for his previous votes, he sought to remove the funding – the funding he previously denied existed – from the bill. The debate on the funding is an admission that yes, his previous votes did indeed fund Common Core.

His fight against Common Core contrasts with the person he wants to emulate, Ted Cruz.

When Ted Cruz fought Obamacare, he gave a 21-hour-plus filibuster.  When Chris McDaniel fought Common Core, he said, “The lunch hour is getting near, I will be brief.”

After McDaniel failed and the funding remained in the bill, McDaniel voted “Present.” That’s right, he didn’t take a principled stand of voting “yes” or “no” he simply noted he was there and didn’t want to take a stand.

(McDaniel likes to boast that he is a distant cousin to Democratic President John F. Kennedy.  With all due respect, this was no “Profile in Courage” for McDaniel.)

And the story continues as told by the Associated Press.  The next fight over Common Core came when the Senate considered the confirmation of the State Superintendent of Education who supports Common Core.  McDaniel, who wants you to believe he will fight Common Core with all his fiber, didn’t even show up for the debate and the vote! Oh, he was there earlier in the day and signed in so he could be counted as present and earn his pay for the job voters sent him to Jackson to do.  But then he left.  As a result, get this, he was recorded as voting FOR the confirmation of the Common Core advocate.

McDaniel says he opposes Common Core, but his record shows (at least when he shows up to work) he has voted to fund it and has failed at his commitment to fight it.

In a television ad, Mississippi Conservatives asked, “Who is Chris McDaniel?…The McDaniel opposed to Common Core Education Standards, or the one voting to fund it in the state Senate?” Watch the ad here:

In a radio ad, Mississippi Conservatives said, “McDaniel attacks Common Core standards, but voted not once, but twice in the state Senate to fund it.” Listen to the ad here:


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