Chris McDaniel AWOL in State Senate

Chris McDaniel wants to represent Mississippi in Washington, DC. But he can’t even represent his home district in Jackson.

Soon after announcing his campaign, he promised taxpayers he would do his job as a state Senator despite the campaign:

I understand your concerns and I will continue to fulfill my duties as State Senator to the good people of Mississippi. Our legislative session does not begin until January and I will be prepared to spend my time serving my constituents.

But this year, Chris McDaniel was called “the fifth most truant member of the Mississippi state legislature” missing more votes than anyone except senators recovery from surgery, cancer, and his own campaign manager.

The Natchez Democrat wrote in an editorial: Chris McDaniel and his campaign manager “should refocus on doing the work voters elected them to do before they see more responsibility that clearly has yet to be earned”

According to he has missed more votes as a state Senator than any other sitting Senator. He missed 103 votes just in 2010.

The Daily Caller interviewed one of McDaniel’s Republican colleagues in the state Senate about the absences. The response?

“Ninety-nine percent of success is to be here. I’m sure he has other priorities this year. That doesn’t excuse him from the fact that he’s an elected official and is elected to serve. Some people say ‘oh gosh I don’t want to vote on that because it’s a lose-lose situation.’ We have to make hard choices sometimes. Being here, asking questions about bill, all of these things are important. If you’re not here, you can’t be an active participant in the legislative process. How well are his constituents being represented?

Another paper speculated that being in the state Senate might help McDaniel’s campaign by providing a platform to run on, except:

one would expect that McDaniel would hold frequent media availabilities and deliver fiery speeches from the Senate floor to soak up free publicity. A third of the way into the session, McDaniel hasn’t done a lot of showboating—because he hasn’t been there. McDaniel, one of the founding members of the Senate’s conservative caucus, has virtually been a ghost this year. No one can really blame him…McDaniel is unlikely to get many bills through the Senate

And his absences were important.  One one vote, a pro-life amendment lost 22-23 when McDaniel and his campaign manager (also a state Senator) were absent. They would have made the difference.

On another vote, he was counted voting for the confirmation of a pro-Common Core Superintendent of Education, despite his claim he opposes Common Core. Why? Because he skipped out early.

Do we really want someone representing us in Washington, DC when he can’t even represent his home county in Jackson?

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